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Watertight fish bags were designed to help moving fish from aquariums or any other environment. Made with strong polythene, up to 300gauge, to ensure they don"t brake. They are crystal clear so you can always check if the fish is okay. We here provided some tips on how to move fish to a new home using watertight polythene fish bags.

Moving fish

If you are moving to a new home and want to take you fish with you you'll need to get strong watertight polythene fish bags and poly boxes from your pet shop, in which your fish will be moved. It's better if you do it yourself to prevent any accidents. Have some containers prepared so that you can take the old tank water with you. This will help the fish enter their new environment quickly and safely.

Place the fish in the polythene bag with about 25 per cent tank water and the rest air, and secure with rubber bands. Then, place the bags in the poly boxes, these will regulate their temperature. They should be safe there for about 12 hours.

Decant the tank water into the containers, place any live plants in plastic bags with the tank water. In your new home, set up the tank as quickly as possible and slowly introduce light to your fish. When you have done this, place them in the bag on the surface of the full tank and after about 20 minutes, release them from the bags and let them enjoy their new home.

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Eco Friendly Alternatives

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